The Ragnar Trail Relay is a gritty trifecta of the most scenic trail loops Mother Nature can serve up. Each trail loop begins and ends at Ragnar Villageā„¢. Teams will run relay style, rotating through all three loops.

Ragnar Trail Vail Lake, CA

November 11-12, 2016

Vail Lake Resort - Temecula, CA


Ragnar Village is the heart and soul of the event. Each trail begins and ends in Ragnar Village. It is the start line, the finish line, and the exchange point. After each loop you will return to the support of your teammates and the adulation of the teams around you. Ragnar Village will be complete with:

Team Campsite

Each team may choose where to set up their team campsite in the camping area. Teams will be allowed to drive up to the camping area and unload their gear. Vehicles will be parked a mile down the road and drivers will be shuttled back to the camping area. Awards will be given for the best decorated team campsite and almost anything goes: tents, canopies, camping chairs, BBQ's, kiddie pools full of Kool-Aid, whatever.

Schedule - More info to come



Ragnar strives to provide vegetarian options at all meals. Should you have alternative food preferences (gluten-free, vegan, etc.) or specific dietary requirements, please consider bringing your own food as these options are not always available.

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